Cultivating What Matters: PowerSheets Overview

“We believe your time can be spent intentionally, and that your to-do lists can be simplified by uncovering meaningful goals and taking action on them little by little. In doing this, we learn to celebrate progress, not perfection.”

That’s what you’ll find in the about page on Cultivate What Matters. You see, for me, setting goals is easy. Actually following through, though? Eh. Not so great.

That’s one reason I started using PowerSheets last year: a goal planner that helps you cultivate what matters…and say no to the things that don’t.

(This post isn’t sponsored–I just love my PowerSheets that much and will be talking about them in the future, so wanted to give a brief overview!)

Someone recently asked me how the PowerSheets actually work. Here’s the breakdown:

It starts with just writing it all down—everything I might want to do this year. Then, you go through the prep work (there are about 30 pages of this…it takes time, but it’s well worth it.) After that, you have about 30 pages to set goals. You go through a step-by-step process of uncovering what really matters to you, and then have space to create 10 big-picture goals for the year. You then go through and break each goal down into doable steps. This is vital–because when the goal is too big to accomplish all at once, our tendency is to never do it. Breaking it down gives us bite-sized pieces, allowing us to make little-by-little progress and eventually accomplishing the goal.

The monthly worksheets start with a heart check, then move to a basic calendar, then a brain-dump, and finally, your “tending list” for the month: your monthly, weekly, and daily goals. You end the month with a review on the good & the lessons learned.

The Cultivate Team’s main focus is that the whole idea is to cultivate goals—work on them little by little. It’s ok to change them, scrap them, and make slow progress! I definitely didn’t accomplish everything each month last year, but I was able to stay on track for a lot of my goals and have seen the little-by-little progress add up.

I’m in the middle of my prep work for my 2019 PowerSheets, and I couldn’t be more excited about what this year will hold! PowerSheets are the #1 way I can stay focused on my goals and what REALLY matters. (Hint: it’s not spending time on social media or watching Netflix, apparently.)

Ready to get started? Head here to get your PowerSheets or here to learn more about the company. Let me know in the comments below when you join the Cultivate family!

Already use PowerSheets? Tell me some of your favorite goals in the comments below!

I’ll be back soon to share my goals for January!

Later, friend!