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Resources for Small Business Owners

It takes a village to run a small business, ya know? I'm happy to share what I know! Here are the top resources I use and love in business! Some of these are affiliate links and I might get a small kickback when you use my link, but know that I only recommend things that I love and think will be helpful for you!

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I use ConvertKit for my email marketing. It's the best email platform I've found that has robust automations + a simple interface.


Almost all the photos on my website are from Élevae. They have an incredible collection of imagery to support my brand!


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No surprise here—I use Canva for most of my graphic design needs that I can do quickly. (Adobe Illustrator for everything else!)


start tracking →

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My client management system—I can easily keep track of invoices & contracts ... and the user interface is pretty!


My favorite website builder ... and I've worked with several. I love the customization options Showit gives without having to learn code!


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I use Toggl to track my time. Their free version is all I need! Super helpful to have real data about where my hours are going.