Yes please!

But I did. :)

You didn’t start your business to work behind the scenes.

Hey friend.

I'll help oversee your internal business operations so you can focus on serving YOUR people well. 

Let’s get you back to focusing on the things you love (and are good at). Back to having a life outside of work and being able to close the laptop at 5pm. 

Professionalism + peace

"Before working with Hannah, I was trying to coordinate everything myself. Needless to say I was stressed to the max! After working with Hannah, the whole timbre of my business changed. She brought my business to whole new level of professionalism and peace!"

- Kathryn Joachim

The whole timbre of my business changed.

I'm ready to help you turn your work hours from

Whether you need a strategic project manager long-term, want to schedule a 1:1 call, or need help with a big project—let’s chat. 

chaos to calm.

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From project management to copyediting, I’m here to help your business                while you keep doing the things you love. 





I'll help you ...

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... So that you can focus on doing what you love: serving your clients and educating your students well.

an easy decision

"Hannah is a calming presence, and so easy to work with! Her desire to take these big elements off my plate has made working with her an easy decision!"

- Brooke Olsen

A calming presence.

I'm Hannah.


I help busy, multi-passionate entrepreneurs & educators manage their business operations so they can focus on serving their clients and students well.

I am a firm believer in putting boundaries around work to build the life you’re called to—and I want to help you do the same. 

leave the rest.

Take what you need.

how can I help?

But even though you feel like you’re doing all the things, you never feel ahead of the game. We can change that—together.

You didn’t start your business to be bogged down by admin tasks, so let’s play to our strengths and get you back to doing the things you love…and are good at.

get ahead of the game

you know your niche.

You serve your clients like nobody's business.

Hear it from a client:

After working with Hannah for a few weeks, I am already feeling more on top of my game, tasks that used to get put on the backburner are now given the priority they deserve because Hannah has taken them over for me."

Magan Ward

I'm already feeling more on top of my game.

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If you're ready to feel on top of your game again,

let's chat.

Does outsourcing stress you out?

I'd love to walk you through it!

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This will walk you through what you need to think about before you outsource, how to figure out WHAT to outsource, and includes a list of 20 ideas to get your brainstorming session started!

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