This guide will walk you through what to think about BEFORE you outsource, what to ACTUALLY outsource, and your next steps once you have a beautiful list for your future VA!

Say goodbye to outsourcing overwhelm.

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You're in new territory.

I get it.

You probably haven't ever outsourced before, and don't exaaaactly know where to start. Outsourcing sounds great and all, but getting there is overwhelming. 

This guide will walk you through how to figure out what to outsource, so that you won't waste time or money when you hire your Virtual Assistant. 

Once you're done, you'll have a solid list of tasks—specific to your business!—that someone else can take off your plate.

*cue the relieved exhale*

You might be doing things in your business that aren't helping you. Knowing your 80/20 will help you be more profitable (and productive!).


What we'll cover:

what the 80/20 rule is

I'll walk you through how to figure this out. The tasks might be different for each business, but the formula doesn't change!

What exactly to outsource

These will get your creativity flowing and you'll probably want to add more to the list once you see what you can start outsourcing!

20 ideas to get you started!

get started now!

I am a fan of administration, organization, and time management. You’re ready to have time for life outside of work while scaling and growing your business, and I can’t wait to help you get there (you’re probably closer than you think). 

I thrive when I’m proofreading an email newsletter or designing a PDF on Canva. I love nothing more than helping my clients breathe a sigh of relief after a brainstorming session or meeting, and have been dubbed a “business therapist'' a time or two.

I can't wait to take the guesswork out of outsourcing for you—because no matter what you do or how your business currently operates, at the core, you want to serve people and take care of them well. That’s the secret that all my clients have in common, and you can get those same results. I promise. 

Virtual Assistant for Business-to-Business Entrepreneurs.

Ice cream aficionado.

Hey! I'm Hannah.


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