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May Goals and why I’m Redirecting

May is almost half-way gone but I didn’t want to let the month slip by without posting my goal update! While this is mainly for my own accountability, I hope you can find some encouragement to keep working on your own goals—little by little progress adds up, as Lara Casey reminds us!

Redirecting and revising: my May goals - Hannah Allen Studio

On paper, I wouldn’t call April a “successful” month when it comes to meeting my goals. Busy days and changes in priorities meant that the goals I originally set didn’t get crossed off like I hoped. But, there were also several things I did accomplish, and for that, I’ll call April a win!

For a quick refresh of how I set goals each month, check out this blog post!

April Review

April was an incredibly busy month with a friend’s wedding shower, Easter, church activities, and work! But it was a sweet month that holds some great memories. Before I spill the beans on a few of my goals for this month, here’s how I did last month:

Monthly Goals:

  • Have fresh flowers at my desk — yes!
  • Simplify my closet (hello, spring wardrobe!) — Worked on this! Didn’t finish, but made progress.
  • Read 1 book (168 Hours? A novel? Something else? TBD. 😉 — again, nope.
  • Finalize Q2 business goals — got there.
  • Journal 1 time — yes!

Weekly Goals:

  • Wash/rinse car (so that my black car doesn’t look GREEN all month) — it actually ended up raining at least once most weeks, so my car wasn’t constantly green *praise hands*)
  • Connect with one friend/student (outside of my regular schedule) — I did this 2 out of the 4 weeks, so calling that a win!
  • Blog once a week — ha! No, but reminding myself that there’s grace!
  • Stick to my budget 😉 — yep!

Daily Goals:

  • Quiet time — first thing. (I’m guilty of letting Instagram–or even work!–start my day instead of spending it with Jesus!) — not always first thing, but I was able to be consistent!
  • Scripture memory — decent! Room to grow, but the progress I made was good.
  • Drink more water (not a very specific goal, I know, but I’m terrible at drinking water throughout the day!) — eh. This one is hard to track…but I can always drink more water.

May Goals

I realized that I needed to slightly redirect my goals for May. I needed both more margin and more structure to make the month successful. I’m a dreamer at heart, so I often have these grand visions of what the year will look like in January. I’m learning to be okay with—and even embrace—changing directions as I walk in the way the Lord leads me.

So my May goals are a little less focused on “business” & to-do’s and a little more focused on heart & simplicity. Here are a few of the goals I have for this month:

Monthly Goals:

  • Fresh flowers at my desk
  • Journal one time
  • 1 social media free day

Weekly Goals:

  • Touch base with 2 friends
  • Phone down, eyes up (limit “idle” phone time!)
  • Stick to business goals

Daily Goals:

  • Spend quality time with Jesus daily
  • Scripture memory
  • Keep my desk clean
  • In bed by 10:30p

Tell me: what are some of your goals for this month? Leave a comment below!

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May goals and why I'm redirecting - Hannah Allen Studio



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