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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You

“What is a Virtual Assistant (or VA), exactly? Is it the person behind the little headset icon on a website, ready to answer your questions?” (An actual question I’ve received.)

I know the title of “Virtual Assistant” can be confusing—it’s a fairly recently created job and not super prevalent in most industries. 

This quick blog post talks about a few things that VAs can help you with in your business! While not all VAs offer each of these services, this list gives a general overview so you can start thinking about what you want to outsource.

How a virtual assistant can help you - Hannah Allen

1. Admin tasks

Pretty much all those admin tasks you don’t like to do? Someone else does—believe it or not! Things like blog post scheduling, social media scheduling, newsletter scheduling, data entry, CRM organization, and research…all of these are things you don’t actually have to do on the regular. Some VAs also offer email support—although not all do. 

2. Graphic design

While you should hire a graphic designer for big projects and your business branding, a VA can help you create some collateral! The right VA can help with e-book design, Pinterest or other social media images, business cards, and other light graphic design. If your VA has the Adobe Creative Suite installed, they can put content into templates you’ve already made! Canva is also a great free (or cheap) option for basic design work. 

3. Brainstorming & Planning

The right Virtual Assistant will want to dive deep into your business to understand how your business operates and how you serve your clients and customers based on your core values. A VA can help you dream and give you someone to bounce ideas off of. They aren’t surrounded by your business like you are, so they have a different perspective that can be helpful and enlightening when you’re dreaming big! 

Are you ready to outsource? Contact me or check out Outsourcing With Love to find the perfect VA for you!

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What a virtual assistant can do - Hannah Allen



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